Deliciously Unique

Being located in the world’s premier wine region filled with so many fantastic wineries, it can be hard to stand out in the crowd. Innovative events and culinary programs that are crafted to showcase your wines are the way to stay ahead of the competition. Many of IMG_2232the typical food and wine functions are becoming “standard fare” throughout the region. Your events need to be unique, as well as showcase your portfolio and make sense for your brand. The goal is to grow media attention and increase customer base; for when all is said and done, successful events should be able to measurably add to your bottom line.

Wine Country Culinary Adventure’s role is to be your partner in creating exceptional events that increase your brand image, consumer reach, wine sales, and the impact of your marketing efforts. We work with each of our partners to customize wine club parties or open to the public experiences that will be the talk of the town, and have guests spreading the word of your outstanding brand. Just as you hand craft fine wines, we hand craft fine occasions that are more than just events, they’re culinary adventures.

Interactive Food & Wine Pairing Events

  • 2-250 guests
  • 2-3 hour experiences

Guests are guided by chefs and wine professionals as they learn through tastings, how to use their senses to fully enjoy flavors and aromas of different varietals of wine; and how to pair food to them with confidence. Stations are accompanied by perfectly paired culinary delights with chefs and sommeliers on hand for discussion. The underlying philosophies and methods used to harmoniously marry the flavors of food and wine will be revealed.

Examples of Event Themes:

• Interactive Tasting BarsIMG_0480
o “The Molecular Gastronomy Experience”
o “Choose Your Own Adventure” Pairing Bars
        Sliders
        Sweet & Savory Cakes
        Chocolates, Cheeses, & Salts
• The Art of Deciphering Wines
• The Art of Food & Wine Pairing

Hands-on Cooking Classes & Tours

  • 2-30 guests
  • 2 ½-3 ½ hour class or tour
  • 1 ½ hour pairing dinner
  • 4 courses

Intimate classes and walking tours with menus specifically paired to preselected wines. Hosted either at your winery,Cedar Gables Inn, or other select locations throughout the valley; guests learn the art of creating delicious fine dining meals with ease, in the comfort of a stylish and well equipped home kitchen.

Examples of Class Themes:

  • The Chef’s Table
  • The Art of Wine Country Cookingtb photo
  • Wine Country Entertaining
  • Mastering Knife Skills 
  • Wine Country Grilling
  • The Chopping Block Cooking Competition
  • Napa Farmers’ Market Tour & Class
  • Oxbow Market Tour and Class
  • A Taste of Yountville Walking Tour 


Wine Pairing and Winemaker Dinners

With menus created by master food and wine pairing chef, MikeC., our meals are a delightful adventure for yourIMG_1347 taste buds. Each course is specially paired to selected artisan wines and prepared with the freshest locally sourced ingredients. To give guests a fuller understanding of the thought process behind the ins and outs of pairing like a pro- top sommeliers and winemakers can join the chef to discuss the philosophy and methods used in making the perfect culinary matchups.